Alice Beck is a French graphic designer and artistic director based in Paris. She likes to lead personal projects that stimulates her, so she co-founded District Studio in 2016 with two of her close friends. 

Curious and obsessed with the image, she focuses her energy on various creative projects in the field of fashion, art, music, or culture in general. The visual identities, the illustrations, the digital projects, ... namely the artistic direction, ... are among its specialties. 

Graduates in June 2016 in the advertising and graphic arts sector, she handles the Adobe suite with flexibility and knows how to tackle all types of subjects associated with the image of a brand.


Paola vilas
Panda tea
Juliette Lalöe
Leica shop (lille)


Paulette Magazine
Just Magazine
Boycott Magazine  
Sicky Magazine
Schön Magazine  
Nos substance Magazine

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